Our Solutions

Whole House Design Solutions

We specialise in integrating multiple Technologies together. This works especially well in newly built properties that we can be involved from the start of the project. Below are the many benefits of whole house systems.

  • Optimise the Energy Performance of the whole property by getting the different Technology to work together.
  • Minimise the running costs of your property for at least the next 25 years and beyond.
  • Opportunities to earn an income for the energy you generate under the Government backed Feed-In Tariff & Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • Reduce your CO2 Emissions. 5. Peace of mind that you are protecting yourselves from rising energy bills.

How Our Service Works

  • Site Survey: One of our Engineers will meet with you at the property and discuss your requirements, budget and expectations. He will make his recommendations and agree the system that suits you best.
  • Quotation & Design: We will receive a full quotation with a breakdown of all the equipment of the system and an all-inclusive price inclusive of installation costs.
  • No Hidden Extras: We do not charge for any of the above and our quotations do not have any hidden extras. You will never be charged more for an installation than you have been quoted for.
  • Installation: We will coordinate with builders, other traders and the clients as to when to install and the same Engineer who conducted your initial survey will be your only point of contact through the process.
  • Connecting to the Grid: There will be no hassele for you and we will help you with the filling of the forms and getting the system connected to the Grid.
  • Aftercare: We do not install and run! We will demonstrate to you how the system works and will be on hand for advice or to visit you to resolve any issues with the system we install. We can set up a regular maintenance schedule if required.